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Ad of the Week – Budweiser

Ad of the Week – Budweiser

It’s been out for a while but the update of Budweiser’s classic 90s “Frogs” commercial caught my eye when I stumbled across it again the other night. To me it’s synonymous with that decade just as much as Britpop, Princess Diana and Gazza’s outstretched foot and the subsequent “Wassup” creation it spawned.

What drew me to the ad wasn’t the visual side, rather the audio, I was actually in the kitchen when it aired. The hearing of the crickets, followed by the frog chorus brought an instant recognition of what it was.

“They’re playing the old Bud ad” I hollered as I ran into the living room to be met by my faintly interested wife. The ad was in the “old” 4:3 screen ratio but something was different. One of the frogs was a bluey colour and one of them rather sarcastically turned to the others and croaked “Beer” as the camera panned out to reveal the cabin across the lake, this time with a Bud Light neon sign. Don’t remember those I thought.

And that’s the point – how’s that for ad recall! First aired some 20 years ago and it’s still locked in my brain in tiny minutiae, it’s remake invoking fond memories.

On every level it works, well for me anyway, and I chuckled as I reached for the ice cold Bud in the fridge…

David Price

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