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Ad of the Week – Audi

Ad of the Week – Audi

I’m a light TV viewer, and tend to watch most shows on catch up or VoD. When watching Channel 4 online and the non-skippable ads come on, I tend to make a drink or check my social media on my phone – the ads merely being background noise.

A couple of weeks ago I was watching a documentary and was just leaving the room when the ad break started, and I heard a song from my childhood – Gene Wilder singing Pure Imagination from the 1971 version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I stopped, turned around and sat back down to watch the whole ad, intrigued to see what was being advertised (clearly hoping it would be golden tickets!).

I’m not a massive automotive fan but I did like the ad for the Audi A5, and I can certainly remember it now!

It’s probable that the ad is aimed at people 10 years my senior considering the release date of the film. However, the commercial demonstrates the power of audio and aural recognition – and also an interesting decision to have chosen a song from a children’s film, rather than popular chart music. Had a different soundtrack been selected I probably would’ve gone and made my cup of tea and be none the wiser about the new A5.

Sarah Hodges
Media Account Manager

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