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Ad of the Week – Amazon Alexa

Ad of the Week – Amazon Alexa


“Ah look, Amazon have started doing kettles. Oh no, wait…”

Luckily, I’ve been reassured I’m not the only one to have, as per the brand’s intention, misinterpreted Amazon’s current ad campaign upon first glance.

The simple idea of taking the basic shape of the Amazon Echo cylinder and transforming into another everyday item works well, and succeeds in encouraging the consumer to look twice.

I first saw this ad in a glossy magazine – the above images were two ads on consecutive pages – standing out with their clean lines and easily identifiable Amazon brand logo.

I’ve since noticed the roll out of this campaign across other media, mainly outdoor (bus shelters and buses), and a similar creative is being used for the Echo Dot.

This campaign is simple, clever and also humorous; Amazon are playing on the idea of the trompe d’oeil whilst also showcasing the product features and capabilities of the product.

I suspect quite a few homes will gain a smart speaker this Christmas.

Sarah Hodges
Media Account Manager

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