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Ad of the Week – Coca Cola

Ad of the Week – Coca Cola

The new re-branded Coca Cola Zero Sugar ad features an elderly man in a retirement home, listening to the sound of Queen’s ‘I want to break free’. After taking his first sip of the beverage, the old man’s mind wanders to the things he didn’t get a chance to do over the years.

Naturally, his first thoughts are towards an old flame telling her he loves her (words perhaps most men elude from during younger years), understandably he gets rebuked.
He then moves on to other ‘manly things’: he becomes a biker, gets tattoos, visits a pride festival, and takes a bold dive bomb into a pool!

The theme for this series of campaigns is ‘First Taste’; the TVC is supported by OOH, digital and PR. The new brand represents Coca-Cola’s biggest product investment for over a decade. The original advert first ran in 2006 and has been re-purposed and filmed using the same lead actor from over ten years ago, British-born American Actor Nicolas Coster, aged 84.

Whether older people would relate to this is another matter, or indeed whether they will actually see the commercial. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting concept and execution: encouraging people to try something new through an elderly person’s adventure ‘wish list’.

Frank Wilmott
Account Director

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