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Ad of the Week – Volkswagen

Ad of the Week – Volkswagen

While my friends and I were discussing the Belgium v Japan game on ITV1 during half time, something caught my eye, it was the Volkswagen ad.

This ad was perfectly timed to appear during the World Cup, playing on the heart strings of a number of men, who I imagine, also have kids at school. It highlights the importance of family, and could perhaps make some feel guilty if they were watching the game instead of being with their children. The ad managed to cleverly connect many facets: vehicle, job, family and education, all in 60 seconds.

Although I may not be in the market for a commercial vehicle, I’ll definitely be more mindful of what other drivers may be going through, which might at least explain, if not excuse, some of their driving habits.

Justin Mallinson
Director of Entertainments

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