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Ad of the Week – TK Maxx

Ad of the Week – TK Maxx

In a consumerist society, advertising predominantly exists to showcase a brand’s benefits and positive attributes. Commercials are rife with superlatives and comparatives to make products and services stand out above the competition. Aside from using ads as a vehicle to communicate apologies for mistakes or faulty items, brands (for obvious reasons) rarely mention any of their flaws.

This is what I really like about the current TK Maxx radio ad. I’ve heard it on Kiss Breakfast over the last few weeks, and enjoy it every time.

Bill Nighy’s voice is evidently recognisable as he admits a few home truths about the TK Maxx shopping experience. He identifies that for every “no, no, no, no” there’s an “oh my gosh get in my basket now” – a feeling that anyone who’s been to the store can relate to!

I recently also came across one of TK Maxx’s TV ads. Whilst this was very good too, I believe that on this occasion, the power of sound – and only sound – works much better. Bill Nighy’s words ring true of the guilty pleasure many shoppers experience as they browse in TK Maxx. The absence of imagery enables listeners to visualise themselves in that moment, making the radio ad so much more impactful.

Sarah Hodges
Media Account Manager

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