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Ad of the Week – Audi

Ad of the Week – Audi

I was in the cinema getting some respite from the heat, and enjoying a cool air conditioned auditorium when this Audi ad caught my eye.

The scene: a studio with one of their larger SUVs parked under the lights with different children getting into the car who are told to wait while the lighting technician sorted things out. Then something happens, the car starts to speak!

There are some wonderful vignettes and conversations; while they may have been scripted, one feels and hopes that it was all adlibbed and the children were just saying exactly what they thought. I really enjoyed this ad: from the innocence of asking to be friends, to discussing what the future may hold for a car (flying cars!).

This was a different take from a car manufacture, no hard sell, no beautiful backdrops, just a line to make you think …‘ready to start believing in the future?’

Justin Mallinson
Director of Entertainments

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