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28% of time spent on media will be mobile by 2020

28% of time spent on media will be mobile by 2020

Media consumption has changed at a rapid pace. A new study by Zenith forecasts that, by 2020, mobile internet usage will reach 28% of total media use. It is almost surreal that in 2011 this figure was only 5%. This has of course influenced the way brands invest in advertising; online revenues continue to rise YoY with mobile up 21% in 2017, making up 57% of total online ad spend.

As smartphones and tablets have become indispensable tools for consumers, media consumption is also expected to grow. Since consumers are spending more time on their devices and shift quickly from one task to another, it is essential to understand where they are in the consumer journey when this happens, and adapt the message accordingly.

Only focusing on consumers during their active stage can be detrimental to a brand as it fails to reach consumers in the passive stage and form favourable biases. Favourable biases are important because the consumer is only a click away from the next best (cheaper and more convenient) brand.

Consumers are empowered by mobile technology, but brands even more so. With all the available data, cross-device attribution technology, artificial intelligence and variety of ad formats, companies can understand their consumers better than ever and adapt their communications effectively.

As Zenith says, the distinctions between media are becoming less important – understanding consumers, their biases and their mindset is key to building successful strategies. Mobile is a treasure trove that has opened up more insights and capabilities than before for advertisers.

Alina Pruteanu
Online Account Manager

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